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We struggled with a name for quite some time before we settled with Bois D'arc. The meaning behind the name Bois D'arc came from the tree. The Bois D'arc tree is very rugged on the outside with thorns and needles, but is very beautiful on the inside with a colorful yellow tinge to it. Our music is kind of similar to this tree in that our music we write tends to be more dark, but our lyrics tend to be more bright. With the balance of the two it really draws people in and lets them explore how darkness and brightness work together in music.



Bois D'arc consists of Kyra Williams and Stefan Findley with Tyler Berry on drums and James Beck on bass based out of Pueblo, Colorado. Kyra and Stefan first began playing music together on their youth worship team at their church. It wasn't until a few years later that they began collaborating musically outside of the church environment. They soon realized that they connected together well as musicians and quickly began writing original songs, developing their own unique singer/songwriter sound. Now with the addition of Tyler Berry on drums and James Beck on bass they are able to create a full sound that compliments the vocals and guitars. Between the variety of instruments they use and the harmony blending, they thrive to write music that speaks to people in personal ways, allowing others to create their own journey through each song.




Vocals, Guitar

Since the day Stefan was born his passion has always been music. He first picked up the guitar in middle school and from then on began exploring all sorts of instruments. He graduated high school with a General Associates degree and has now been able to focus more time on building himself up as a musician and will continue to create music for the rest of his life.



As of October 2018, Tyler Berry joined Bois D'arc as the drummer in Pueblo, CO. He shares the same passion of music, using intricate beats to back up both Kyra and Stefan's guitars and vocals.


Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Percussion

Ever since Kyra was young she has enjoyed singing with her favorite artists. As she grew older she had a passion to learn guitar. She graduated with a Master in English and Creative Writing Degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Her love for writing and music is what fuels her love for this band.



As of June 2019, James Beck joined Bois D'arc as the bassist in Pueblo, CO. Multi-instrumentalist & hype man, James moved back from New York City with some tasty elements & feelings to contribute to Bois D'arc.

Together, Kyra, Stefan, Tyler and James hope to create music that speaks to everyone in a personal way while at the same time creating an environment where everyone can gather as a whole to enjoy the simplicity of music.




This is a video of our original song called "Love" that was kindly filmed and edited by our friends Tyler Shown and Perry Perkins, check out more of our videos on our youtube page.



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